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Superior ServicesMechanical Repairs & Servicing
Manufacturers Logbook Servicing
Computerised Diagnostics & Repairs
Auto-transmission Servicing/Repairs & Power Flush
Coolant, Break Fluid Flush/Power Steering Fluid Flush

DPF Testing, Diagnosis, Cleaning & Repair
Brake & Clutch Repairs
Steam Clean Engine
Suspension & Steering Repairs
Air-conditioning Repairs
Tyre Fitting & Inspections
Wheel Alignments & Balances
Pre-purchase Inspections
Roadworthy Inspections
Vehicle Performance Enhancements

Superior Automotive is dedicated to quality service and our highly trained and qualified staff will strive to help you in any way they can.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services or require a quotation, please email us or phone 07 3262 3233 to speak to one of our experienced sales consultants.

The customer will always be notified if additional items require attention and work will not proceed unless permitted.


Mechanical Repairs & Servicing20150817_143720

Is your vehicle breaking down, hard to start, making strange noises, leaking oil, using too much fuel or having other problems? Perhaps it is time you booked your car in for a service. Contact our sales consultant for an estimate.

Basic Service (every 10,000km or 6 months): Oil and oil filter change with a general service check of vehicle to ensure brakes, tyres, suspension, shock absorbers, transmission, air-conditioning/heating, electrical components, wipers, and coolant system are in good working order; end-to-end under-body inspection and report on findings.

Tune-up Service (every 40,000km or 60,000km): Oil and oil filter change, check spark plugs, leads, clean fuel and air filters; general service check of vehicle to ensure brakes, tyres, suspension, shock absorbers, transmission, air-conditioning/heating, electrical components, wipers, and the coolant system are in good working order; end-to-end under-body inspection and report on findings.

Exhaust and Muffler Repairs: Your vehicle’s exhaust system is vital to its performance and the safety and comfort of your passengers. It can also be damaging to the environment, emitting poisonous gases into the air. It is imperative your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust be inspected regularly.

Engine Overhauls: We’re equipped to carry out major engine overhauls on most makes and models. We will remove/repair/overhaul/reassemble engine, cylinders, block, starter/alternator, distributor, fuel system, with specification and modifications for performance or economy.

Radiator Repair Service: Your vehicle’s radiator is the primary cooling mechanism for your engine. If it fails, your car will overheat and need to be repaired. This service will pinpoint and repair those areas common to radiator failure.

Gas Struts Repair or Replacement Service: Gas struts (tiny gas-filled shock absorbers) are built into the boot or bonnet to help hold the door’s position when opened. When the struts wear, they are unable to control the weight of the door during transitions, becoming a safety hazard.

IMG_5076 [1024x768]Shock Absorber Repair or Replacement Service (every 100,000kms): Worn out, damaged, or leaking shock absorbers allow the wheels to bounce, which results in poor tyre-to-road contact, vibrations, premature tyre wear, reduced braking performance, and increased noise. Unfortunately, shock absorbers are often neglected until they fail completely.

Manufacturers Logbook Servicing: In order to maintain your car’s warranty, we recommend genuine parts be used, however this will always remain the customer’s decision.

Computerised Diagnostics & Repairs: Superior Automotive specialises in most vehicle electrical systems and will carry out the following repairs: battery checks, diagnosis, drivability, major and minor tune-ups, alternators, starters, air conditioning and heater controls, electronic ignition and electrical wiring. This computerised equipment provides a systematic performance report to compare against normal ratings, enabling the mechanic to make necessary repairs or replacements.

Auto-transmission Servicing / Repairs & Power Flush (every 30,000kms): If your vehicle shows signs of contaminated fluid, slippage, rough or harsh shifting, you may be in need of a transmission service. Like the fuel in your engine, automatic transmission fluid is affected by heat, friction and electrochemical degradation. This will clog your transmission with sludge and varnish deposits. Your best option is to perform a transmission power flush before it becomes necessary to perform major repairs or complete replacement of the transmission.

Coolant Flush: This service involves pressure testing the cooling system and replacing the coolant to avoid overheating and corrosion.

Antifreeze Service: Drain coolant from engine, add antifreeze, and bleed air out of system and pressure test followed by a vehicle road test and concentration check.

Brake & Clutch Repairs: The performance of your braking system is imperative to your safety, that of your passengers and others on the road. Our staff will help you detect the early warning signs of poor braking such as grinding, squealing, yielding pedal, or pulling to one side while braking. If your vehicle shows any of these signs, book your vehicle in for a service NOW! Superior Automotive will also service and replace clutches in vehicles with guaranteed parts.Injector Cleaner & Tester

Brake Fluid Service (every 40,000kms or every 2 years): Brake fluid contamination has become so much of a concern that major car manufacturers have added it to their required maintenance. Avoid costly repairs and monitor and change your brake fluid regularly.

Steam Clean Engine (full or half steam clean): This service is great if you are preparing your vehicle for sale, or want your engine looking new again. It is also helpful for identifying mystery oil leaks on the under-carriage. Consists of steam cleaning the engine bay, removing bottom covers, steam cleaning from beneath, blowing out water from sparkplugs and distributor, and running the engine.

Suspension & Steering Repairs: Superior Automotive can diagnose, service and replace shockers, steering and suspension components. Servicing your steering and suspension will result in shorter stopping distance, driving comfort, less vibration, improved steering response and handling, safety, and prolonged tyre life.

Air-conditioning Repairs (service annually): Your vehicle’s air-conditioning and heating should be serviced annually to ensure gas levels are correct and micro filters are clean. This service also includes retrofit conversions (recommended for vehicles pre-1994). (ARC Authorisation Number AU05207)

Brake Disc LatheTyre Fitting and Inspections: Good tyres improve handling, prolong tyre life, conserve fuel, decrease the chance of blowouts and decrease your stopping distance, especially in the wet.

Our experienced technicians will assist you in selecting a tyre that suits your vehicle and your budget. We will fit and fully test your vehicle with our equipment and in a roadtest, inspect tyre roadworthiness, sidewall damage or bald spots and ensure tyres are inflated to correct pressure. This inspection will be carried out as part of a general inspection on your vehicle with any services undertaken.

Ensure experts check your tyres each time your car is serviced. Your insurance company will not pay a claim if your tyres are unroadworthy at the time of an accident.

Wheel Alignment & Balances (every 10,000kms): If you do not regularly align your wheels it will result in premature wear of your tyres and suspension components as well as inadequate handling, performance and safety. If you are noticing your steering pulling to one side, bad steering control or squealing tyres when turning, your vehicle may require a wheel alignment as soon as possible. Our workshop is equipped with the latest aligning equipment and can cater for two and four wheel alignments.

Pre-purchase Inspections: Superior Automotive will carry out a pre-purchase inspection on vehicles for private or commercial sale. The inspection includes a detailed visual inspection, an engine test and road test. A detailed report will be provided giving information needed to make an informed decision.

Roadworthy Certificate Inspections: Superior Automotive is a Certified R.W.C Inspection Station. The inspection consists of a comprehensive inspection and test drive, engine and transmission, brakes, belts, exhaust, suspension, tyres, windows, doors, wipers, air conditioning, CV boots, interior trim. This service will also include a written report on your vehicles’ status.

gtv3 [1024x768]Detailing: Treat yourself and your car to one of our vehicle detaining options! A Valet presentation starts at only $88. A full interior steam clean and detail from $235 or go the whole 9 yards with a machine buff and hand polish with a complete rejuvenation detail from $295! Book in at time of service booking or ask us more about this offer at your leisure!

Vehicle Performance Enhancers: Superior Automotive is a Gold Agent for Powerchip, a vehicle performance product. We offer full in-house installations, programming and tuning. Click here to visit the Powerchip website.