Lexus are like the refined connoisseurs of the road, boasting a diverse range of exceptional engines that seamlessly balance efficiency and performance, all integrated into elegantly dynamic platforms.

Our Superior Automotive Workshop is staffed with Lexus factory-trained master technicians, equipped with cutting-edge vehicle computer diagnostic tools, schematics, and programming equipment to ensure your Lexus provides you with peak performance.


Lexus vehicles benefit from our comprehensive services, where we prioritise repairs over replacements whenever possible. We not only have access to a full inventory of OEM and genuine parts but also possess the technical expertise to address issues with precision.

Servicing, Software Upgrades, Air-conditioning Servicing, Air-conditioning Repairs, Suspension, Steering, Engine Flush, Cooling System Care, Engine Chemical Degrease and Pressure Cleaning, Oil Leaks, Check Engine Scanning, Power Steering, ECU Repairs, ABS Repairs, Valve Maintenance, Brakes, Tyres, Wheel Alignment, Timing Belts, Clutch, Brake Fluid, Transmission Service, Gearbox Service, Diffs, Schematics, Diagnosis, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Warranty Service, Manufacturers Servicing.

Lexus Car Servicing